Novena To St. Agnes

Novena to St. Agnes (January 12th – 20th)

Leader: In the name of the Father…                                                       

All: Amen

Leader: O singular example of virtue, glorious Saint Agnes,             

All: By  the living faith which animated you from your tenderest years, and rendered you so pleasing to God that you did merit the martyr’s crown:

Leader: Obtain for us the grace:                                                           

 All: To keep our holy faith inviolate within us, and to profess ourselves Christians sincerely in word and works; may our open confession of Jesus before men cause Him to bear a favorable witness to us before His Eternal Father.

Leader: We beseech you to obtain for us from Almighty God:         

All: The forgiveness of our sins and the sure confidence that He will bestow upon us life everlasting and the means necessary to merit it. And in particular by your merits so pleasing to God, obtain for us: (name the grace)

Leader: Saint Agnes, most pure, virgin and martyr,                         

 All: Pray for us.

Leader: Let us pray,

All: O Saint Agnes, as a child you followed Christ and loved Him deeply even unto your martyrdom. Your faithfulness to Him gained you sainthood.  United in death, in the tomb, you are now united to your heavenly spouse, Jesus, in eternal glory. Teach us to love Christ as you loved Him, to bear witness to Him with courage like yours, to put love for Him before our own lives. Show us the way to follow Christ so that we may follow the Lamb wherever He goes and be ready to risk everything to be faithful to Him. Joyful and young martyr, St. Agnes, share with us a taste of your innocence and joy. Amen

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.