St. Agnes Centenary Celebration

Save the date of our day of Jubilee, February the 26 at 11 am Mass, and let us rejoice and be glad and give thanks to the Lord our God. “It is right and just” to give Him praise and thanks always and everywhere

As one spiritual family, we should give thanks always and everywhere to God and especially ask Him to bless our coming liturgical year in which our Church of St Agnes will celebrate its 100 years of gratitude, of Faith and Love, of worship of God and service to the poor and to all our parishioners and friends. This centenary of St Agnes (1917-2017) is a great occasion to remember its history of faith and also to remember our commitment to build up His body, the Church of Jesus, the Son of our Living God. For ten decades, St Agnes Church and School in the past, and today with the presence of the Missionaries of Charity have been and still are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The beauty of our liturgy and the celebration of the Traditional Mass in it remain a spiritual treasure and a wonderful example to tell our city area that Jesus is the reason why our parish exists. Jesus is the Joy of our coming Jubilee celebration on Sunday the 26th of February 2017 at 11am Mass.We will be honored on this day of Jubilee by the presence of our Bishop, Robert Muench, who will celebrate the Mass with all you parishioners and friends, and we wish to have with us on this day of Jubilee the Alumni of St Agnes school, who should be a part of our parish life. It is a great occasion to invite all those who studied at St Agnes school to be part of this day of grace and joy, and we ask them to please contact our Parish office and give us their contact and physical address to prepare our day of Jubilee, and celebrate together, as one people of God, a Mass of Thanksgiving as we mark our centennial.

On behalf of all my predecessors, brothers in the priesthood, and of all of you parishioners and friends, the Christian faithful of St Agnes, we thank the Lord for the grace of His temple and Church of St Agnes. Our parish might not be here, if you, faithful parishioners and friends do not live lives centered on Jesus; if you do not pray for vocations to the priesthood; if you do not continue to generously give of your time, talent and money; if you are not loving and living your faith and love for our Catholic Church.