Year of the Eucharist at St. Agnes

Altar Servers
October 23, 2019

To foster greater piety, knowledge, and faith, St. Agnes will be dedicating this year to devotion of the Holy Eucharist. All parishioners, friends, and visitors are invited to join us on this endeavor as we strive for deeper love of our Eucharistic King. Starting in January and continuing once a month throughout the year, Adoration will be held in the church from 5:30pm-6:30pm with a video to follow in the cafeteria at 7:00pm. This will be a 10-part DVD series on the Eucharist by renowned scripture scholar Dr. Brant Pitre. He will guide us through Scripture, history, and Church teaching to illuminate the wonder and miracles of the Eucharist. The dates of the monthly programs are as follows along with the theme of each DVD session:

January 15th – Source and Summit: Introducing the Eucharist
February 19th – In the Beginning: Garden of Eden and Sacrifice
(March & April will be skipped due to the Lenten Reflections)
May 20th – Lamb of God: The Sacrifice of Isaac and the passover Lamb
June 17th – Miracles of Exodus: Manna and Water
July 15th – Mysteries of the Tabernacle: The Bread of the Presence
August 19th – Miracles of Jesus: Water, Wine, Loaves, and Fishes
September 16th – Bread of Life Discourse: John 6 and the Real Presence
October 21st – The Last Supper and the Cross: The New Passover of Christ
November 18th – The Mass: Emmaus and the Mystery of the Eucharist
December 16th – Revelation: Heavenly Worship and the End of Time

Adoration/Holy Hour in the church 5:30-6:30pm
DVD session to follow in cafeteria 7:00pm-8:00pm