St.s Peter and Paul

St.s Peter and Paul

Feast Day June 29th


In the catacombs many wall writings have been found which link the names of St. Peter and St. Paul showing that there the popular devotion to these two great Apostles began in very early times.


St. Peter

St. Peter as the 1st Pope is the ‘Prince of the Apostles’. He is the ‘rock’ upon which the Church is founded. He is known as the keeper of the ‘Keys to Heaven’.  St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome rises over the site of Peter’s tomb.  Pope Pius XII announced this discovery at the close of the Holy Year of 1950.


St. Paul

St. Paul is known as the Apostle to the Gentiles. He was a great theologian, mystic, martyr and missionary. Before his conversion he was known as Saul. Saul was a tent marker by trade. He was struck blind on his way to Damascus, when Our Lord spoke to him and he was converted. His blindness was cured by the disciple Ananias. Saul who was now known as Paul withdrew from the world for 3years in meditation and prayer before beginning his great missionary ministry.