St. Charbel Healing Mass

May 13, 2020

(Please note the recent changes for this Mass: When the 22nd falls on a Saturday, the Mass will be moved to Friday (21st) at 6pm. When the 22nd falls on a Sunday, the Mass will be moved to Monday (23rd) at 6pm.) 

St. Charbel Healing Mass is on the 22nd of the month at 6pm to honor the great saint and healer in the Catholic Church: Saint Charbel. Confessions will be heard before Mass and  refreshments served after in the cafeteria. There is an anointing with holy oil from the tomb of Saint Charbel for those who desire it.

St. Charbel Makhlouf (1828 – 1898) was a holy monk, priest and hermit of the Lebanese Maronite Order; a great number of miracles have been attributed to St. Charbel’s intercession since his death.  Confessions at 5:30 p.m (5pm during Lent) with Mass at 6 pm (5:30pm during Lent).  Anointing of oil from the tomb of St. Charbel will be available immediately after Mass for all who wish to be anointed.  Refreshments will be served in the church cafeteria following holy Mass.  All are invited to join us as we pray to God for healing through the intercession of St. Charbel. 

Confessions are heard 1/2 hour before Mass begins.

Note: During Lent, when an extra Mass is celebrated each weekday at 5:30 pm, the St. Charbel Healing Mass will be at 5:30 pm also instead of the usual time of 6:00pm.

Lord, your faithful servant St. Charbel spent 23 years in solitude to know You. While we may not be able to do such a feat, instill in our hearts an obligation to pray for 15 minutes each day, we ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen