Lenten Reflections 2018

St. Agnes Church Lenten Reflections

“In The Midst of My Sufferings: Salvation”

Six Wednesday Evenings 6:15 – 7:15 pm

Feb. 21st – “Introduction to St. Agnes Lenten Reflections, .in the midst of my suffering . . .” presented by Rev. Miles D. Walsh, Pastor, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

Feb. 28th – “Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Capuchin friar, stigmatist and mystic, in the midst of my suffering…” presented by Msgr. Robert H. Berggreen, Pastor, St. Mary of False River.

Mar. 7th – “Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa of Portugal, mystic, victim soul and ‘fourth seer of Fatima, in the midst of my suffering…” presented by Rev. Michael J. Russo, Pastor, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Lafayette.

Mar. 14th – “Job, Blameless and Upright’, in the midst of my suffering…” presented by Stephen J. Binz, Catholic biblical scholar, speaker, award-winning author.

Mar. 21st – “St. Teresa of Calcutta, in the midst of my suffering…” presented by Rev. Michael H. Champagne, Community of Jesus Crucified – Priest, Brother and Sister Servants, Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat Center, St. Martinville.

Mar. 28th – “Jesus, Our Redeemer, at Gethsemane, in the midst of my suffering…” presented by Rev. Ryan P. Hallford, Parochial Vicar, Holy Family Church, Port Allen.

All are invited to write a confidential letter to Jesus describing one’s own personal suffering and offering it in union with Jesus’ Passion for their own intentions, for the conversion of sinners, for the Church, for the Pope, Bishops, Priests and Religious and for Vocations. During the six weeks of Lenten Reflections, you may deposit your confidential, sealed letter to Jesus in a locked chest placed at the foot of the Altar of St. Agnes; letters will remain unopened and will be burned during Holy Week.

Please pray and offer sacrifice for the spiritual success of St. Agnes Lenten Reflections and for the presenters and their intentions and please encourage all to attend. Help us spread the word about these talks by email and other social media.

Jesus Christ, when He redeemed us with plentiful redemption, did not take away the pains and sorrows of this life. Rather, He transformed them into motives of virtue and occasions of merit; and no one can hope for eternal reward unless he follows in the blood-stained footprints of his Savior. “If we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him” Rerum Novarum