lectorsA very rewarding ministry in which adults can participate, is to serve as a Lector for the Eucharistic Celebrations at St. Agnes. Lectors serve at the daily Mass at 6am. Also, Lectors serve on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation, at all the Masses: 4pm Saturday Vigil, 8am and 11am on Sunday mornings, except the 9:15am Latin Mass.

An adult wishing to experience a deeper participation in the Liturgy should consider lectoring. Certain Mass times are in need of volunteers to lector more than other Mass times. To learn where the current, most critical need for lectors exists, please contact the parish office.

Training sessions for novice lectors are provided by veterans who have served St. Agnes in this capacity.

The greater the number of lectors available, the less frequently one is called upon to serves as a lector. Except in emergency situations, lectors are generally scheduled to read at the Mass which they normally attend.

Qualifications for proclaiming scripture as lectors include: good pronunciation, clarity of speech, appropriate attire for one’s presence in the sanctuary and a desire to present God’s Word to the congregation.