Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society is a confraternity founded during the 13th century and entrusted to the Dominicans for promotion.

Today it has over 45,000,000 members worldwide. The sole mission of this confraternity is to assure that honor and respect is given to the Holy Name of Jesus. Its membership actively works against any occasion where the name of the Lord in taken in vain.

The Holy Name Society at St. Agnes meets once a month on the 2nd Sunday of the month after the 8am Mass; the meetings are held in the Parish Meeting Room or the Cafeteria. Members are encouraged to attend the 8am Mass on the day of the meetings and to receive Holy Communion as part of the Society. The banner of the Holy Name Society is displayed during this special Mass as well as during the meetings.

The Baton Rouge chapters of the Holy Name of Jesus Society have worked diligently in providing retreats in area prisons through the Metanoia (a change of heart) program. The chapter at St. Agnes has assisted with these very positive and always heartwarming retreats for men and women who often are desperate for the love that can only be channeled through Christ to come into their lives. Our Prayer Mission is to pray, through the Holy Name of Jesus, for those who have requested prayers, we do this during the meetings as well as in private.