Third Order of Mary

The Third Order of Mary(TOM) meets once a month at 3 pm in the church on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

To think as Mary, judge as Mary, and act as Mary in all things

Mary of Nazareth, the first disciple of the Lord and Mother of the Church, is the heart of our identity as Marists. This remarkable woman of faith has called us to this way of life. We believe that we have been called by a “gracious choice” into the family of Mary. It is her work that we do and so we commit ourselves to think, judge, feel and act as she did.

As a consequence, these qualities mark us as Marists: mercy and compassion, availability, welcome and hospitality, simplicity manifest in everyday ordinariness and a common touch. We are self-effacing apostles who demonstrate a spirit of joy and respect for others; we are called to be humble and hidden and unknown in the world.

Our spirituality, which is both mystical and practical, responds to the reality and circumstances of today’s world. Jean-Claude Colin, acting on what he believed to be Mary’s desire, encouraged us to establish a Marian Church, a Church with the heart of a mother beating at its center.

At our best, we are instruments of God’s mercy working to help others taste the boundless love of the Lord, especially those who find themselves on the margins. As Marists, we seek to go where the Church is not. We should enable all with whom we come into contact to experience the gift of reconciliation as well as peace of heart and mind.

Mary is the icon of God’s Spirit.

As her fellow disciples,we pray that with God’s grace we become the same.

A Third Order is not, indeed, merely a confraternity: it is, as much as possible, the extension of religious life to the secular state. This does not mean a complete separation from the world, but a separation of heart, promoted, supported and strengthened by a thousand powerful means. Though the final engagement in the Third Order of Mary is justly called profession, yet it is understood that it does not bind under pain of sin. This engagement may be said to be a promise of honor; yet a promise of supernatural honor and of loyalty first with regard to self; for a man of honor holds himself bound by a generous fidelity in return for the privileges which are offered him; secondly with regard to the Third Order itself, whose reputation would be impaired should members deal lightly with their promise.

Our members are the laity for the Marist priests. They must be a practicing catholic in good standing in the Catholic Church.

If a person is interested in joining the Third Order of Mary, they must be recommended for admission by a professed member of the Third Order of Mary. After approval from the Council, they will be accepted to become a member. Then they will receive instructions from the Mistress of Novices regarding their duties for profession. Our aim is live a life like Mary by our examples and good works.

Our meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month unless the date is changed. The meeting begins at 3:00 pm at St. Agnes Catholic Church. It consist of the opening prayers, a meditation by our Spiritual Director, closing prayers and concludes with Benediction.

If anyone is interested in joining the Third Order of Mary, they may contact Karen Mollere at 225-272-5915 or Diana LeBlanc at 225 229-6308.