Easter message from our pastor- Father Charbel

May 13, 2020

My dear parishioners and friends,

“Peace be with you!”

Halleluiah!!! I know you’re looking for Jesus, said the angels to the women at the empty tomb…He is not here! So,“why do you seek the living among the dead. He is not here, but he has been raised.” Luke 24:5-6. How nice is this message of hope…of eternal life! Life exists, no doubt, but not here! It must be found outside, elsewhere; our God is living, everywhere, except among dead.

The instructions from our US bishops on assembling in our churches prevent us from celebrating together the most beautiful and central feast of our Christian faith, the Resurrection of the Lord. But we still proclaim, from our homes and with our lives, our Easter joy! Many people, in our state, and around the world, are suffering from the corona virus (we keep them all in our daily Mass) but no one is suffering from the loss of our Easter joy! No pandemic disease can destroy Easter!

I am blessed to know, through your messages and phone calls, the stories of many of you: a people of deep faith that the Risen Lord will care for us and for our loved ones, a deep trust that all will be well even if the end of our quarantine, of our future is uncertain. Easter is the celebration of hope. Christ was raised so that we can share His new life…our hope is that we will share in the fullness of the new life Jesus won for us through His crucifixion, suffering and death. It is our hope in the Risen Lord that helps us endure challenges like the corona virus. This virus has brought sickness, death, unemployment, economic crisis and all sorts of other crises into our lives, but only our faith can get us through because, despite death and suffering, we have happiness in hope. No one can take the Risen Lord from our midst, wherever we live…Yes, no situation, no matter how terrible, can take His presence from us!

This is the gift of our Easter Sunday. Our life is hidden from now on with Christ in God. May the new life given to us from Jesus’ tomb flow through our veins, so that every word and thought of our lives may shout out: Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen! Halleluiah!!!

In Cristo,
Fr. Charbel