Youth Choir

Childrens Choir Rehearsal Schedule 2018

October 2, 2018               5:30-6:30

October 16,2018          5:30-6: 15 (please not this is an early dismissal as a I have a students concert to attend at 7:00)

October 23, 2018        5:30-6:30
October 30, 2018       5:30-6:30

November 6, 2018      5:30-6:30

November 27, 2018     5:30-6:30

December 4, 2018       5:30-6:30 

December 18, 2018       5:30-6:30

December 24, 2018     

4:00 Children will be participating in the Christmas Concert.

5:00 Children will be singing during the offertory at Mass.

Please note there will be 2 additional rehearsals with the accompanist as we get closer to Christmas Eve. I will do my best to pick a day and time that is convenient for everyone.

If you have any questions, you can call or text me at 225-288-3441 or email me at

Latin Choir Practice

The Latin Choir helps enhance the liturgies celebrated at St. Agnes. This choir sings regularly at 9:15am Latin Mass each Sunday.The Adult Latin Choir is looking for a few good folks with a generous heart, a little extra time, and the willingness to learn music for the Liturgy. Singing is a sign of the heart’s joy. If you are interested in making a “joyful noise”, please contact our Latin Choir Director, Carla Landry at 225.266.5253 or email her

Ordinarily the Latin Choir practices are in the cafeteria on Thursdays from 6pm -8pm throughout the year. Changes in this schedule will be announced and one can always check with the Choir Director.

Ave Maria

Performed by Mrs. Nancy Hendrick and Fr. Charbel Jamhoury.

Panis Angelicus

Performed by Mrs. Nancy Hendrick and Fr. Charbel Jamhoury.