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April 9, 2019




Anyone over 18 years who wants to volunteer at St. Agnes Parish must complete a volunteer application, the child protection training, and then sign the code of ethics. The following are the instructions to complete the process to be in compliance with Diocesan Policy.

Online Child Protection Training

  1. Go to
  2. Click the ‘Child & Youth Protection and Victims Assistance’ box link near the bottom of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge homepage.
  3. Click ‘Safe and Sacred Online Training Center’ at the left under the ‘Certification’ heading on the page titled ‘Keeping Our Promise to Protect’. First Time Training – ‘Recognizing Child Abuse.’ Select language. Follow the directions for taking the Safe In Place Online Course and Test. (Make note of your username, password and certificate code (case sensitive) before leaving the website!)
  4. Print and mail this Training Certificate or turn in the certificate to :

St. Agnes Parish Office

749 East Blvd

Baton Rouge, La. 70802

Attn: Child Protection Coordinator


email a copy of your certificate to

  1. Read and Sign the Code of Ethics and turn in to the St. Agnes Child Protection Coordinator at the parish office.

Volunteer Application

  1. Call the St. Agnes Child Protection Coordinator at the Parish Office to obtain a copy of the volunteer application. Phone number 225-383-4127
  2. Complete the application. Refer any questions to the St. Agnes Child Protection Coordinator.
  3. Send Completed Volunteer Application to the St. Agnes Child Protection Coordinator, at the parish office, by email, or by mail. (above address)


The Training Certificate, the Volunteer Application and the Signed Code of Ethics must be completed and turned in to the St. Agnes Child Protection Coordinator at the parish office no later than 2 weeks before the event you are to volunteer in order for you to participate.


Approved by: Fr. Charbel Jamhoury, Pastor of St. Agnes      Date: 9/28/2016