Altar Servers

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Altar Servers 

The Altar Servers form a very important ministry at St. Agnes for they assist the priests at all Masses and during many special functions and devotions celebrated through out the liturgical year. Young people in 4th grade through High School have the opportunity to serve the Church through this ministry. Twice a year requests are made for new Altar Servers and some children are occasionally approached on an individual basis about becoming an Altar Server. Anyone interested in joining this gratifying ministry can contact the Parish Office at 383-4127 and leave your contact info. Keith or Angela Bonnett, the Coordinators of the Altar Servers, will be in contact with you shortly.

Would you like to serve our Lord and become a part of one of the proudest traditions of St. Agnes parish? Young men age 9 and up are invited to start training to assist the Priest at the Altar.

Practice is the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 5:30 pm to 7 pm in the church following PRS. Except during Lent when the practice begins after the 5:30 pm Mass. Contact Keith or Angela Bonnett at

Within the Altar Servers corps there are three steps; each step upwards provides the server with greater responsibilities within church celebrations. These steps are:

  1. cross bearer
  2. serving position number 2
  3. serving position number 1

Each position has its own special duties. Mastery is required at one step before the server can advance to the next step. The adult coordinators work with the servers to provide a schedule for the servers so that an equal and fair share of the duties is given to each individual.

The novice server is given a thorough training before being to participate in a Eucharistic celebration. After this initial training, the servers meet as a group only when special church services require special instructions such as Christmas and Easter.

Many past coordinators throughout the years have formed the Altar Servers thoroughly. It is in this tradition that St. Agnes continues today. As a result, St. Agnes has a well-trained, well-disciplined group of young men who serve and continue to add a reverent dimension to all of St. Agnes’ liturgies and special devotions.

St. Agnes Latin Mass Servers

The St. Agnes Latin Mass Servers are a dedicated group of men ages 12 to 61 privileged to assist in the preservation one of the Church’s greatest treasures. These highly trained servers are required to assist our clergy in the weekly 9:15 a.m. Sunday Latin Mass.

The training for new Latin Mass servers consist of two phases:

Phase One
The classroom phase, usually begins in early September and can last from 8 – 10 weeks. The training takes place on Sunday morning in the St. Agnes conference room from 11am to 12noon. Here the Latin pronunciations needed for Mass service are learned. We also learn the parts of the Mass, the names of the priestly vestments, names for the Mass vessels, along with some general history and related apologetics.

Phase Two
This consists of learning the rubrics or server actions, required for Mass service. This phase takes approximately 8 weeks. This training takes place in the church Sanctuary immediately after the Sunday 11am Mass, from 12noon to 1pm. The training consists of learning the fine details of Mass service, setting out the priestly vestments, and all of the sacred objects used for Mass.

Once the rubrics training is under way, the new servers will begin to observe the Mass dressed in cassock and surplus from the side of the Altar assisted by a master server.

Once the training has been completed, the new servers will be introduced into the server rotation in a master/apprentice role. Great care is taken to assure the readiness of the new servers before entering the rotation.

We are always looking for a few dedicated men to serve at the Altar of the Lord. Through the years, I have observed the abundant blessings and protections that accompany the servers of the Holy Mass.

May God Bless you! Call the office, 383-4127, if you are interested in becoming a Latin Altar Server.

Brian Phillips – Director of the Latin Mass Servers